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2 things you must do to prepare your home for this winter

Winter is coming, along with it comes the cold weather. Not only does it make it harder to get out of bed in the morning but the cold weather can also bring about changes in your home’s plumbing system. In order to save you some cash and hassle in repairs, here are our 2 biggest tips to help you get your home ready for the coming winter.

Look after your pipes

Pipes that freeze overnight can burst. This is not only massively inconvenient but can also be expensive to repair as many will remember from the big freeze a few years ago. Do yourself a favour, and purchase Self-adhesive pipe insulation tape.

Pipe insulation is of the best method to use to keep your pipes warm for two main reasons:

  • It is easy to cut down to the right size and also easy to attach to pipes.
  • It is an easy DIY project that can happen over an afternoon or over the course of many days.

Do keep in mind there are hidden pipes in your home that you cannot insulate. Pipes located around the outside of the home are especially vulnerable. On those particularly cold nights it is always a good idea to run some hot water to keep them clear. This brings us to our next essential tip.

Inspect Your Boiler / Hot Water system

Your home’s water heater needs to work extra hard in the winter to keep producing the expected amount of hot water for your home. Before the winter weather really sets in inspect your home heating system. Check for rust, scale, puddles of water. These are all warning signs which need to be addressed to make sure the heater will last through the winter.

We also recommend ensuring that the filter in the heater is cleaned or changed regularly. These steps allows the heater to run more efficiently, will help it work throughout the cold winter months and you could save on your heating bill.

If you have any concerns about your home heating or electrical system, you can contact us in the chat or here and we would be happy to ensure you have a cosy and safe winter.

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