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New house, New pipes

Top plumbing tips for new homeowners

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Congratulations, you’ve just got around to buying your new dream house! All those weekends spent standing in line at viewings has finally paid off and your now ready to turn this fabulous house into a home.

But sometimes owning a home can be stressful. The various jobs and chores required to maintain a safe and comfortable living space can be overwhelming at times. Thankfully with plumbing there are some basic tips that can help reduce the likelihood of issues occurring and if they do, there are some tricks to help minimize the impact.

Read on to find our tops tips/plumbing hacks all new homeowners must know.

Conduct a pre-purchase inspection

OK, the first one should be done before you purchase your house but it is important to reiterate this here. Pre-Purchase Survey's are a detailed internal and external inspection of a property. By passing a pre-purchase survey you can be sure your potential future home does not have any defects which could cost substantial sums of money to repair.

Our qualified plumbers and electricians are fully equipped to conduct pre-purchase inspections. Check out our plumbing services page to book a pre-purchase inspection today.

Find the water mains!

If you are unfortunate enough for a leak or burst pipe to appear in your homes plumbing network the first step is to turn off the water main. There are many stories of homeowners who had their water mains paved over by previous tenants and were unable to turn off the water supply as their house was being flooded.

Before moving in be sure to know where the mains are located and how to turn it off.

Be sure to have some basic plumbing supplies!

For quick fixes it is important to have some basic tools lying around the house when emergency strikes. Some of the most important items include a plunger, duct tape and an adjustable wrench.

With these handy tools you should be able to tackle basic plumbing issues. However if you can’t fix the issue be sure to contact a professional at to investigate the issue.

Adjustable Wrench

Use a plunger on drains!

People often don’t realise that plungers can also be used to free up drains. Just simply pour a mixture of baking soda and vinegar down the drain (best to avoid drain cleaning products), wait a few minutes then place the plunger over the drain and use some elbow grease.

Drain Blocked

If the issue persists be sure to contact and someone from our team will take a look at the problem.

Increase shower head performance!

Small mineral deposits often build up in the small holes in your shower head resulting in reduced power due to blockages. To fix this, grab a bowl of warm vinegar and place the shower head in the bowl. After about an hour take the shower head out, scrub it with a toothbrush and clean each of the holes with a toothpick. Reattach to the shower and it should be as good as new!

Electric Shower

If the issue persists there may be a bigger problem with your water supply so be sure to contact to investigate.

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