• Considerations when replacing your boiler!

    1. The size of your Home:

    The size of your property or home will have a direct impact on the type of boiler you will need and also the type of boiler that will accommodate your needs.


    Small Homes & Apartments


    Recommendation: Combi Boilers


    Why: Combi boilers are connected directly to the water mains and thus do not need a storage tank in the attic or a cylinder.


    Larger homes


    Recommendation: Regular or System Boilers


    Why: Regular and System Boilers can deal with higher levels of demand & require both a cylinder and storage tank depending on your choice.

    2. The existing system:


    It may seem like a good idea to replace a regular or system boiler with a combi boiler but in many cases sticking to your existing system is the best option.


    For instance, switching to a combi boiler would allow you free up space in your home however changing systems brings with it additional costs. In addition to cost, a combi system may not be able to meet the demand of a larger house. If the existing system is older, radiators and pipes etc may not be able to deal with increased water pressures which would ultimately lead to more costs.

    3. The Size of the boiler:

    You should consider the actual physical size of the boiler. Large boilers will obviously be unsuitable for smaller homes and apartments, compact boilers will also not likely be the best match for a larger property.

    4. The Number of Bathrooms and Showers

    Property with 1 Bathroom


    Recommendation: Combi Boiler


    Why: Combi boilers heat water on demand but are unable to facilitate hot water to more than one bathroom simultaneously.


    Property with 1+ Bathrooms


    Recommendation: Regular or System Boiler


    Why: Regular and system boilers facilitate running hot water in more than one bathroom simultaneously.


    Large Family Home with 1+ Bathroom

    Recommendation: Regular Boiler

    Why: The amount of hot water available is only determined by the size of the hot water cylinder.

    5. Water Pressure

    Low water pressure areas:


    Recommendation: Regular boiler


    Why: Regular Boiler systems can ensure high water pressure because of the downward flow from the water tank in the attic.


    Combi boilers aren’t great for areas with low water pressure as they do not have a storage tank and rely on the mains pressure.

    6. The make of Boiler

    It’s important to do your homework on the various makes of boilers and what each brand offers or have a Homepro expert explain to you what each brand offers. Each boiler has an energy rating, which will have an effect in your bills. Some brands will also offer extended warranties on the boiler provided it is installed by an approved contractor and serviced in line with the manufacturers guidelines.


    All very valid information worth knowing!

    7. The Type of Property

    Apartments & Smaller Properties:


    Recommendation: Combi Boiler


    Why: No storage tank or cylinder required


    Older properties


    Recommendation: Regular Boiler



    It can prove more cost effective to keep the current boiler system in older properties.

    8. Future Proofing your boiler Investment:

    If you plan on building an extension on your property or converting the attic in the future it is worth thinking about the type of boiler you are installing as well as the size.


    For example

    An Extension could involve an additional bathroom and/or radiators.

    An attic conversion could mean you need the storage tank removed.

    9. Boiler Flow Rate


    A boilers flow rate refers to how much water can flow through your boiler and how fast it can come out of a faucet or shower head.


    There is a common misconception that it is best to install a boiler with the maximum flow rate. This is incorrect, there is absolutely no point in installing a boiler with a flow rate of 12 litres if your mains pressure only supplies 10 litres per minute.

    10. Registered Gas Installation

    In Ireland, it is illegal for anyone other than a registered Gas Installer to install a gas boiler.


    It is your responsibility to ensure anyone you appoint to install your gas boiler is a registered Gas Installer.


    The Gas Installer is also required to issue you with a certificate to confirm that the installation was carried out by a registered Gas Installer on a given date.

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